The International Conference on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (RR) is a major forum for discussion and dissemination of new results concerning Web Reasoning and Rule Systems. RR 2010 builds on the success of the first three International Conferences on Web Reasoning and Rule Systems (see, held in Innsbruck, Austria (2007), Karlsruhe, Germany (2008), and Chantilly, Virginia, USA (2009), which received enthusiastic support from the Web Reasoning community. In 2010, RR will continue the excellence of the new series and aim to attract the best Web Reasoning and Rules researchers from all over the world.

Bressanone/Brixen, Italy
September 22-24, 2010

Suggested topics include the following (but are not limited to):
  • Representation techniques for Web-based knowledge
  • Acquisition of rules and ontologies by knowledge extraction
  • Combining open and closed-world reasoning
  • Combining rules and ontologies
  • Design and analysis of reasoning languages
  • Efficiency and benchmarking
  • Implemented tools and systems
  • Foundations and applications related to relevant standardization bodies such as the W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF), Web Ontology Language (OWL2) and SPARQL working groups, or the W3C Uncertainty Reasoning for the WWW Incubator Group, etc.
  • Ontology usability
  • Ontology languages and their relationships
  • Querying and optimization
  • Rules and ontology management (such as inconsistency handling and evolution)
  • Reasoning with uncertainty and under inconsistency
  • Reasoning with constraints
  • Rule languages and systems
  • Rule interchange formats and Rule markup languages
  • Scalability vs. expressivity of reasoning on the Web
  • Approximate reasoning techniques for the Web
  • Integration of statistical methods and symbolic reasoning
  • Stream reasoning
  • Semantic Web Services modeling and applications
  • Web and Semantic Web applications and experience papers

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